February 13, 2012

She's crazy

Loving these new boots I just got from Beyond The Rack. They were super cheap, and give my legs an extra layer to keep warm in these frigid temps! I find BTR has a lot more items actually in stock, and things are shipping much faster than before. Got these in less than a week.

Shirt and scarf – H&M; Jeans – Aeropostale; Boots – Beyond the Rack

February 9, 2012

No Time For Dreaming

Tried something new with the pictures today. Think the lighting and clean space are working much, much better! Tomorrow is the last day of my 'bank' contract. Actually looking forward to wearing jeans again.

Shirt and tights - H&M; Shorts – Zara; Sweater – Costco; Shoes – Enz oAngiolini

February 8, 2012

The Ultimate Statement Shoe

Looking for some shoes to add something to a plain outfit? Check out gasolineglamour.com. These shoes are so amazing, creative, and just so unlike anything you've ever seen you don't even need to worry about clothes... all eyes will be on your feet.

February 6, 2012

I see fields of green

Love these bright purple Joe Fresh tights. A nice pop of colour in a sea of grey at work. And they were on sale for $1.88! The days are finally getting longer, and I look forward to getting some better pictures in the natural sunlight.

Dress, tights, belt – H&M; Shoes – asos.com; Bracelet – Forever 21; Tights – Joe Fresh

February 1, 2012

I'd rather wear a unique story

I could seriously spend a lot on this site... a lot of time and money that is! Boticca is an online boutique for emerging jewelry and fashion designers. Each piece is original and I love how the site gives the background on each designer and the piece they created. They are also very clear on shipping policy and prices (searching a site for this bit of info is one of my personal pet peeves).

A few pieces I found and LOVE...

Obi Belt – Butterfly & Flowers