November 23, 2011

Iris van Herpen X United Nude Crystallization

I am very slowly getting back into real life. It may have only been 9 days, but an amazing 9 days it was running around Costa Rica. If anyone is looking for a place to vacation, it has a lot to offer. I have pages more I could write, but will save it for my travel blog I hope to soon have up and running. I haven't done anything to the page yet, but hopefully soon you can learn more about Costa Rica here.

So as I adjust, this post will be short and sweet. I am a huge fan of United Nude. And I absolutely LOVE these shoes. Coming in at around $1000.00 US they are not Frugal Fashionista material, but it's all about the inspiration and knowing trends and what's out there. In their own words...The Iris van Herpen X United Nude product is a glamorous ankle bootie with smooth round lines and golden leather detailing on the front and back of the shoe, with three-dimensional characteristics. Transparency, reflections and movements create the effect of visual estrangement. The construction of the shoe is so complicated and precise that each pair is 100% hand-made with the highest grade Italian calf Nappa available.

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